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    why core trade

Trading Platform

CORE Capital Partners Ltd. is unique in that we are able to provide a full service platform and assist with all aspects of your trading solution. This includes technology, trading, broker/dealer and discretionary investment solutions.

CORE has access to markets worldwide, and is able to provide our clients with an efficient, value-added trading service and assures a seamless trading and settlement process.

CORE provides secure, sophisticated global custody services via a user-friendly portfolio management system and trade execution platform with access to trade equities, bonds and options in multiple markets and currencies via a secure online log-in and an ability to generate statements at will facilitating and easy monitoring of assets.

Our online portfolio management system provides access to view your holdings and transactions as well as the ability to revalue your portfolio into other currencies, look at historic data, and transmit secure instructions.

As a licensed broker-dealer, CORE is able to effectuate various significant functions; facilitating timely trading activities, monitoring liquidity through market-making activities, and providing access to global equity markets as well as extensive back-office services.

Our professionals provide real-time quotes and trading advice on a diverse range of exchange-traded instruments including but not limited to equities, bonds, and options.

These critical functionalities afford the Investment Manager the ability to focus on the portfolio management, investment strategy, and business development.