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    why core corp

The Core Advantage

CORE is exclusively client and service focused. We offer a full service platform which transforms the trading solution into a client-friendly product.

CORE provides secure and sophisticated global custody services via a user-friendly portfolio management system and trade execution platform. This platform provides access to trade equities, bonds, ETFs, and options in multiple markets and currencies via a secure online log-in, an ability to generate online statements at will and effortless monitoring of assets.

The CORE TRADER online portfolio management system enables you to view your holdings and transactions, revalue your portfolio into other currencies, access historical data..

As a licensed broker-dealer, CORE is able to proficiently execute various significant functions; facilitate timely trading activities, monitor liquidity through market-making activities, and provide access to global equity markets in addition to extensive back-office services.

CORE offers great advantages based on our jurisdiction, internal expertise and high quality service capabilities.

CORE’s overall offerings strengthen the Investment Manager’s ability to focus on portfolio management, investment strategy, and business development.