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    why core service

Service Platform

At CORE we take note of the growing regulatory and compliance challenges as a result of the global economy. We are positioned to meet these new challenges and guide our clients to achieve compliance in conjunction with protecting their portfolio objectives.

CORE’s service superiority and enriched transparency of underlying investments, allows for effective and accurate dissemination of information as well as cost effectiveness. Our dynamic information technology platform enhances involvement in regulation and governance.

CORE’s transitional platform provides discretionary rights to clients by facilitating varying scenarios and serving as a one-stop-shop for those we serve.

CORE’s vibrant platform has strategic benchmarks allowing broad range, flexible access and reporting.

CORE’s asset management tools add an exciting new dimension to our growing pool of clients.

CORE packages a complete service solution, with an ability to address all aspects of the business; consultancy, structure formation (i.e. International Business Companies “IBCs), regulatory applications, drafting of all relevant agreements, and sound legal advice. Our CORE services, which cannot be matched, are:

  • Deposit and placement of funds and assets,
  • Access to global  trading instruments
  • Custody of assets
  • Transfer of assets
  • Payment of expenses on behalf of, and at the clients’ request
  • Full financial solutions