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Why The Bahamas

Independent since 1973, The Bahamas is a sovereign nation with over 280 years of parliamentary democracy, a stable economy; with the ability to set its own economic, political and regulatory policy in the best interests of country and clients – thereby reducing political and country risk.

The Bahamas has a sound system of law and protected rights of appeal based on English common law principles, with a strong independent and impartial judiciary. The final court is the Privy Council (London).

A blue-chip, well-regulated and cooperative financial center, The Bahamas has continuously been attentive to the requirements of the marketplace – providing an array of customized amenities and products.

The Bahamas offers an international business and finance environment that serves the demands of private and corporate entities through the country’s political and economic permanence and stability. Recognized as a sound environment for foreign direct investment with an alluring regulatory administration, other benefits of doing business in the Bahamas include a contemporary infrastructure and capacity, cost competitiveness; no taxation on income, capital gains, wealth or inheritance, and nominal taxes on businesses that are non-resident – not transacting with Bahamians or local economy.