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Regulatory Advantage

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) is a member of and honours the international standards of The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the Council of Securities Regulators of the Americas (COSRA).

The SCB attained “A” signatory status in December 2012, which is the Global certificate vis-à-vis the interchange of information to counter cross-border fraud and securities violations.

Industry standards, internationally acknowledged anti-money laundering administration are reinforced by legislation.

The Bahamas is FATCA-compliant and has recently signed the IGA Model I which provides that local financial institutions report information on U.S. account holders directly to our national tax authorities.

The Bahamas is an ideal jurisdiction for business development and at CORE we utilise the strengths that the jurisdiction offers to benefit our clients’ diverse needs and requirements.

For independent asset managers, a proactive approach to tackling regulatory changes can be absolutely vital.
Source: Swiss Financial Services Newsletter – May 2012

Useful Links

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas – www.scb.gov.bs

The Central Bank of The Bahamas – www.centralbankbahamas.com

Bahamas Financial Services Board – www.bfsb-bahamas.com

The  Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers – www.bacobahamas.com

Unlike competing jurisdictions, there is access to a large pool of local seasoned professionals. The Bahamas vaunts 1,000+ attorneys-at-law, 500+ Certified Public Accountants, and a substantial availability of CFAs, NASDAQ, Series 6 and 7 certified professionals, and certified Compliance Professionals (i.e. AML/CFT).

CORE’s dynamic and professional team has an average of 20+ years in financial services.